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Injera (Ethiopian Teff Flatbread)

If you like the sour taste of fermented dough, but also the lightness of a spongy pancake you have to try this Ethiopian food staple made with teff flour called Injera. Commonly used both as plate and cutlery, its spongy texture is perfect to hold any spiced stews.

Injera (Ethiopian Teff Flatbread)

To speed and ease the process I started this recipe activating the teff flour and water with dry yeast during three days. After this initial fermentation, once the dough starts to rise, I decided to feed it with Rye flour (but you can also try using Barley flour instead).

Depending on the Teff and rye flours that you use, you will get a different color (from ivory to dark brown).


  • 200 g Teff flour
  • 230 ml warm water
  • 7 g dry yeast
  • 100g Rye flour
  • 400 ml warm water


  1. Combine 200g Teff flour with 7g dry yeast and 230ml water in an air tight container until you have a thick paste almost cement like.
  2. Leave to ferment at room temperature for three days.
  3. After three days, stir the mix and add 100g of Rye flour and 400 ml warm water until combined.
  4. Leave to ferment at room at room temperature for two more days.
  5. Heat a circular non stick pan or an iron and cover the surface with a layer of injera dough. The dough will start bubbling almost instantly.
  6. Once the whole dough is full of holes and the dough starts to thicken, cover the pan with a lid and let it steam for one minute.
  7. Remove the injera from the pan and let cool on a nonstick surface.


  • Serving size 125g | Calories 211kcal
  • Fat 1.4g | Carbohydrates 42,9g | Protein 6,6g
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