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Halloween “panellets”

👻 This weekend is Halloween! Time to get spooky! 👻

I’ve already seen many houses with Halloween decorations all over San Francisco and even with the limitations of coronavirus I am sure people will find a safe way to trick or treat. Where I am from (Catalonia) we didn’t use to celebrate Halloween because on the night of October 31st we celebrate the traditional Castanyada going outside around a bonfire to cook chestnuts, drink moscatel and eat panellets (traditional almond paste sweets). For this reason, this week I wanted to prepare a recipe with the more traditional panellets (pine nuts, coconut and strawberry), but also wanted to try to create three Halloweenish candy variations (pumpkin spice / candy corn, caramel apple and bloody marshmallow).

Besides the Halloween variations, for this recipe I also replaced the baked potato or sweet potato from the more traditional recipes for kabocha squash puree and it worked as well (and with a bit less calories!)

Traditional panellets


  • Panellet basic dough
    • 200g almond flour
    • 125g sugar
    • 150g Kabocha squash
  • Traditional panellets
    • 40g pine nuts
    • 75g shredded coconut
    • 1 tbsp dehydrated strawberry powder or strawberry jam
  • Halloween panellets
    • 1 tsp pumpkin spice
    • 1 tbsp dehydrated apple powder
    • Apple caramel (I used it from this allrecipes recipe)
    • 1 tbsp raspberry jam
    • Mini marshmallows


  1. Panellets dough. Mix 150g kabocha squash with 200g almond flour and 125g sugar until combined. Divide the dough into six equal parts.
  2. Preheat the oven at 225°C (435°F).
  3. Pine nut panellets. Make balls with one portion of the panellets dough, dig them into a bowl with whisked egg white and run them over another bowl with pine nuts until completely covered. Brush the pine nut balls with egg yolk.
    Pine nut panellet
  4. Coconut panellets. Take another portion of the panelletts dough and combine with the same volume of shredded coconut (~75g). Form balls with the dough and shape them like “pyramids”. Brush with egg yolk and add some more coconut on the tip.
    Coconut panellet
  5. Strawberry panellets. Take another portion of panellets dough and combine with one tablespoon dehydrated strawberry powder. If you don’t have strawberry powder you can use strawberry jam. After baking you can also roll them over some extra strawberry powder.
    Strawberry panellet
  6. Pumpkin spice panellets. Combine one portion panellets dough with one teaspoon pumpkin spice and form balls. Push a bit the top and place a piece of candy corn.
    Pumpkin spice panellet
  7. Raspberry and marshmallow panellets. Add black food coloring to one portion of panellets dough and form some balls. Push a bit the top of each ball and add some raspberry jam. After baking and once completely cool, add a mini marshmallow on top of the raspberry jam.
    Raspberry and marshmallow panellet
  8. Caramel apple panellets. Take a portion of the panellets dough and combine with 1 tablespoon dehydrated apple powder or apple jam (you can also add some green food coloring for a more dramatic effect). After baking and once completely cool, dip each ball into caramel and let cool again.Apple caramel panellet
  9. Bake. Once you have all panellets ready, place in baking tray and bake for 10 minutes.


  • Serving 1 panelletCalories 84kcal
  • Fat 5.28g | Carbohydrates 8.24g | Protein 1.51g
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