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Apple aniseed jam pockets

If you like homemade jam, pockets but you don’t want to spend hours preparing puff pastry, you will love this. Flaky apple aniseed jam pockets in less than an hour (if you already have the jam ready) using the roughest puff pastry.

Apple aniseed jam pockets



  1. Start preparing the rough puff pastry:
    1. Preparing the butter layer. Take 70 g frozen butter from the freezer and grate into small pieces. I usually leave the grater some minutes in the freezer to avoid the butter to react to the change of temperature and melt. Put the grated butter back in the freezer.
    2. Base dough. Combine 175 g all purpose flour with salt, add 30 g cold butter in small pieces and combine. Slowly add cold water until the dough is formed. Make sure you don’t overwork the dough to avoid the butter to melt.
    3. Layering. Roll the base dough into a rectangle. Cover 2/3 of the dough with half of the grated frozen butter. Fold the uncovered part of the dough over the butter and the other third over this fold (like folding a letter). Seal the edges of the layers to keep the butter inside, turn the dough 90º and roll again into a rectangle. Repeat the fold with the remaining grated frozen butter.
    4. Rest. Cover the rough puff pastry dough and leave to rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to allow the butter to solidify again.
  2. Roll the rough puff pastry dough in a big square and divide in smaller squares (about the size you want your pocks).
  3. Spread apple aniseed jam in half of each square, leaving enough space around to fold.
  4. Brush around the jam with egg wash and fold one half over the other forming rectangle pockets. Seal the folded dough with a fork and brush with more egg wash the top of the rectangle.
  5. Bake at 200ºC (~400ºF) for 20 minutes.


  • Serving 1 pocket | Calories 208kcal
  • Fat 9.22g | Carbohydrates 22.31g | Protein 4.39g
  • Saturated Fat 5.41g | Trans Fat 3.23g | Cholesterol 41,94mg | Sodium 16.09mg | Potassium 51.52mg | Dietary Fiber 0.79g | Sugars 0.10g
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